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Posted by Fix Expo Team On May - 22 - 2011

We have less than 4 days until the huge MTA Board vote on Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas’ motion to underground the entirety of the Crenshaw-LAX Line on Crenshaw Blvd and return the Leimert Park Village station to the project.  Here’s what you can do to help win this monumental vote, which will determine the future of Crenshaw Blvd for the next hundred years.


There are nearly 400 seats in the MTA Board room chambers. Each of them need to be filled with supporters of the motion.

The meeting starts at 9 a.m. and free chartered buses will depart from the Crenshaw District at 7:30 a.m. To RSVP for a seat email or call: 323-761-6435.


The MTA Board members have heard from a lot of us, but they have not heard enough of us. Send an email to the board members at and

Request that they “Please support the Mark Ridley-Thomas Crenshaw-LAX Line motion.” Here’s a sample email:

Dear MTA Board Members,

I’m writing to respectfully request you vote to support Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas’ Crenshaw-LAX Line motion. The motion will increase the speed and reliability of service to LAX, eliminate the safety hazards of street-running trains on Crenshaw Blvd, and provide for travelers the opportunity to easily access Leimert Park Village, a cultural gem for the region. While we do need more rapid transit in Los Angeles, MTA need not do it in a manner that will kill Southern California’s last African-American business corridor with 4-5 years of disruptive street-level construction in Park Mesa Heights. Instead, MTA should build the Crenshaw-LAX line in a manner that provides a full opportunity for economic revitalization, which will provide a long-term return on our public investment. Adopting the Ridley-Thomas motion will place us in a position to accomplish this important objective of mass transit projects.

Thank you.


- Tweet this, facebook it, text it, LinkedIn it, email it.

- Please also download and liberally distribute our two-sided flyer here: 1.3 MB pdf

- We’ve created a comment form so people can communicate their support for the Ridley-Thomas motion in written form. Circulate these at meetings/gatherings/church, at your business, among your neighbors, etc. Download it. (Please mail the forms by May 23rd or fax them by May 25th to ensure they are included in the public record).

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