Apr 20 Mtg & MRT Motion

Posted by Fix Expo Team On April - 16 - 2011

Wednesday, April 20, 2011
6:30 – 8:30 PM

5760 Crenshaw Blvd (map)
Los Angeles, CA 90043
(US Bank Community Room)

If you have not yet heard the news, Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas is offering a motion at this month’s MTA board meeting (April 28th at 9 am) [UPDATE: Vote Delayed to May 26 MTA meeting same time and location] to alter the design of the Crenshaw-LAX Line. (see below) The motion would:

  1. Add the Leimert Park Village Station at Vernon
  2. Put the section of the project in Park Mesa Heights from 48th to 59th street underground.

To be clear, right now Metro doesn’t want to do either of these options. They don’t want to build a station at Leimert Park Village, and they want to run the trains at street-level from 48th to 59th street right in front of View Park Prep and a block away from Crenshaw H.S.

If Ridley-Thomas’ motion is adopted by the MTA board, the result would be a Crenshaw Line that is entirely underground in the Crenshaw Blvd portion, and has stations at Exposition, the Crenshaw Mall, Leimert Park Village and Slauson. Said simply, it would designed on Crenshaw Blvd how we’ve been requesting over the past 4 years for this project.

Ladies and gentlemen - THIS IS THE MOMENT WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR. And we’ll need to show up to the MTA board meeting on the 28th in large numbers. So we will have an organizing meeting on Wednesday to get folks up to speed on the issue, understand the politics at play, and assign work necessary to pack the house!

Mark Ridley-Thomas Park Mesa Heights Tunnel and Leimert Park Village Station Motion

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  1. Yendi says:

    Thank you Mark!! This project is vitally important to the communities/neighborhoods in South LA. I’ll be at tonight’s meeting. Thanks so much for the leadership of Damien, Mr. Simmons and all others who continue to give this matter the serious attention it requires. Let’s not stop until we get what we deserve.

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  5. Marian Rush says:

    It’s simple……. Show everyone with your vote, that we matter!

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