Nov 20 Newsletter

Posted by Fix Expo Team On November - 20 - 2009

In our rush to get the electronic meeting notice distributed yesterday, we neglected to make clear that the Crenshaw Line Organizing/Expo Line Update meeting is this Monday, November 23rd.

We’ve also had individuals request a flyer for distribution in their community and home of worship this weekend. You can download one here: pdf of flyer

Additionally, you can forward this email.

Monday, Nov. 23, 2009
6:30 – 8:30 pm
3731 Stocker Street, LA, CA 90008
2nd Floor Conference Room

Topics for Discussion & Action

1) Expo Line Update, Including a Status Update on the Dorsey HS Farmdale Crossing

Because of our successful efforts in the administrative courts, MTA still has not received approval from the CPUC to build anything at the Farmdale crossing that is next to Dorsey H.S. They’re stuck! There have been important developments. Come help us continue holding strong and bring about a solution that doesn’t compromise our children’s safety or community.

2) Organizing the Community for the Crenshaw Rail Line MTA Board Meeting Vote on Dec. 10

As we fight from the back-end of Expo to protect our children’s lives and quality of life, we must be on the front end of the Crenshaw Rail Line process that is currently on going. On December 10th, the full MTA board will vote on whether to include in their study an entire underground line on Crenshaw Blvd or one that passes at street level within a block of Crenshaw High School and right in front of View Park Prep.

They will also decide whether the planning and design of the line will include qualified African-American members of the Crenshaw community (more below).

We need to be there in large force to demand the same thing for Crenshaw (a subway) that the Mayor and Supervisor Yaroslavsky want for the affluent Wilshire corridor. Help us organize to turn-out our community.

Coverage of the Crenshaw Rail Line Issue in Local Papers

In The Wave, Betty Pleasant devoted space in her column, The Soulvine, to bring attention to the controversy regarding the MTA staff recommendation for the $10 million Preliminary Engineering and Planning contract:

“I join Damien Goodmon and his group of public transit activists in denouncing this MTA recommendation to award the preliminary engineering and designing contract for the largest public works project in South L.A.’s history to somebody in Orange County when a team that features highly experienced and eminently qualified Black business owners from the heart of the Crenshaw community, itself, already exists!”

The MTA Planning Committee met on Wednesday to discuss the staff recommendation and punted the contract award decision to the full MTA board (on Dec. 10) where Supervisor Ridley-Thomas and the other board members will have an opportunity to amend or reject the staff recommendation on the contract and design.

And the LA Watts Times opinion section covered our full statement on the staff recommendation, where we praise the good, and reject the bad: Statement on MTA’s Staff Recommendations for the Crenshaw Line is Getting a Facelift

We’re in the process of converting our website into a more user-friendly and dynamic web home for our organization. Please forgive us if the web address and images look out of place. We hope to be functional by Monday.

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